Brighter Is Better: Tips For Making Your New Motorcycle As Visible As Possible

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Brighter Is Better: Tips For Making Your New Motorcycle As Visible As Possible

31 July 2015
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Driving on the same roads with automobiles, motorcycles may be at risk for accidents in part because they are smaller and more difficult to see. Therefore, enhanced visibility is a critical part of motorcycle safety. The easier it is to see your new motorcycle, the easier it will be for cars to avoid an impact with you. These tips will help you improve the safety of your new motorcycle by making it easier to see on the road. 

Buy the Brightest Motorcycle You Can Find

Black is the worst color for visibility. Not only is it dark and difficult to see at night, but twenty-three percent of all cars on the road are black. Buying a black motorcycle will only help your motorcycle blend in with the crowd, when the goal should be to stand out. Bright colors like red and blue are better, but these colors match standard vehicle colors, and may still blend in with other vehicles and objects on the road.

The best colors for your motorcycle are those colors that are rarely seen on vehicles outside of NASCAR races. Neon yellow, pink and green are easy to spot even at high speeds. If buying an unused motorcycle, you may be able to choose which color is right for you. When browsing the pre-owned motorcycle sales, focus your attention on the most brightly colored motorcycles. 

Add Reflective Tape Around the Bike

Not many motorcycle colors are easy to spot in the dark. The best way to make your motorcycle easy to see at night is to add reflective tape to the parts of the bike with no light source of its own. Adding reflective tape specifically designed to fit the contours of the bike will help motorists on the road see the exact shape and dimensions of your bike. Reflective tape is sold in kits and can be installed by a lay person when desired. Add tape to the wheels, forks, panniers and fairing. 

Install Auxiliary Driving Lights

Add auxiliary driving lights to the front of your motorcycle to improve your visibility for oncoming traffic. Some brightnesses and colors may not be legal in your area, so before installing your auxiliary driving lights, check with your local laws. In addition, there may also be laws about where your auxiliary driving lights can be installed on your motorcycle. Have your lights professionally installed and ask them about local laws to avoid issues. 

Following these tips, you'll be more visible to cars on the road. Improving your visibility can help you avoid accidents and keep you safe. Talk with a local dealer, like Canyon Honda, about other recommended safety devices.