Creating The Ideal Automobile Lot With A Construction Team: 3 Ideas For Saving Space

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Creating The Ideal Automobile Lot With A Construction Team: 3 Ideas For Saving Space

11 August 2015
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As any auto retailer should know, having the right amount of inventory is a must. Of course, some lots are smaller than others, so building up or digging down to make space is necessary. Here are a few ways to save space so you can bring in more vehicles and show off the most inventory.

Build a Display Room

The first thing that you want to make sure you have at your auto-sales outlet is a proper display showroom. A showroom saves space, because instead of having a large, open space with only offices or furniture for customers to relax on, you can bring your most expensive or popular vehicles inside. The right showroom makes space for at least three additional vehicles that otherwise may not fit on your lot. 

With a display room, you'll want to build a large, rectangular or square space that has large doors and glass windows. Make sure there is at least one entrance and exit made extra large, so even the largest vehicles can come in and out without damaging the building or the vehicle itself. 

Use Lifts to Show Off More Inventory and Save Space

Construction teams use loaders and lifts to load and carry vehicles from one location to another, but these lifts can also be helpful for when it comes to storing your inventory. Each lift can hold two cars in the same space you'd typically park one, so you can show off two colors of the same model or store multiple vehicles safely without taking up extra room on your lot. 

The added benefit of construction loaders and lifts is that they do the work of lifting a vehicle for you. Once the vehicle is lifted, there are features on the lifts that secure your vehicle, like blocks behind the wheels to keep it from rolling off. 

Take Your Lot to a New Level With Excavation

Another interesting way to add more space to your lot is to have a construction team dig deeper and build a basement parking garage. Out of the elements, vehicles parked in your lower deck will be safe from harm and damage, and you can lock down the garage at night with a gate or other form of security. 

These are just a few ideas of how to make your automobile sales lot more spacious. Try one of these tips, and you may find you love the way your lot looks. For more information, contact a business such as Scott Equipment.