Motorcycle Preparation Tips: Is Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring?

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Motorcycle Preparation Tips: Is Your Motorcycle Ready For Spring?

1 March 2016
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Spring is just around the corner, which means it is almost time to get your motorcycle out of storage. However, to ensure that it is ready to hit the road, there are a few maintenance tasks you need to do. These can all be done on your own, or you can see your city's motorcycle dealer or motorcycle shop for assistance.

1. Thoroughly Inspect Your Bike's Brake System.

In order to ride safely, you must have a brake system that is in good shape. Brakes are a crucial component of any motor vehicle, as they help you to slow your speed, which reduces the chances of being involved in an accident. Start with your brake pads and make sure that they have not endured excessive wear. If they have, replace them. If you notice uneven wear, a motorcycle service professional may need to adjust the brakes.

Your next step is to keep an eye on the brake pads while you squeeze the brake lever. Both brake pads should strike the wheel rim at the exact same time. If you see that they do not, the brakes need to be adjusted by a professional. Take your bike for a short test drive to see how the brakes do. If they don't perform as well as you think they should or if they fail completely, make sure to get to a motorcycle repair shop for expert assistance.

2. Check Out the Wheels.

The rims on your bike ensure that the tires remain in place and offer both smoothness and stability during a ride. Aside from cleaning the wheels thoroughly, you also need to make sure to inspect them for any signs of damage, including scrapes, nicks and dents. You should also jack your bike up so that you can spin one wheel and tire at a time. It should spin smoothly and should not wobble. If the rim is damaged, it can cause the tires and brake pads to suffer uneven wear. This can lead to a potentially hazardous situation on the road, such as a blown tire. So, if it is wobbly when you spin the wheel and tire, make sure to consult with a repair shop to adjust the rim or replace it if necessary.

3. Give Your Bike a Good Cleaning.

Grab an old towel, an old toothbrush and a basic cleaning solution. You will use this to clean the entire bike. This includes the pedals, frame, seat, and chain. Use the toothbrush to get in every little nook and cranny of your bike and the hard-to-reach areas.

If you don't feel comfortable with doing any type of maintenance on your bike, call your local motorcycle dealer or service shop for assistance.