Should You Buy A Beater Car?

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Should You Buy A Beater Car?

28 September 2016
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For some people, a car is a reflection of their personality and lifestyle. As a result, they want this vehicle to be attractive and relatively new. For others, a car is simply transportation and looks don't matter. Those people will give you several reasons why a beater car is a good investment.

Financial Issues

Drivers disagree on what constitutes a true beater car, with some setting the price at under $5000. Others would say a real beater will cost under $2000 and sometimes as little as $500. Obviously, buying a beater car will not cost you much, so you will be free of monthly payments. You will also save on insurance since there is no need for full coverage. Simple liability insurance will do. If your budget is tight, a beater can be a logical choice.

On the negative side, a beater may require more upkeep and get poor gas mileage. Even if you have low expectations for your beater, such as just getting to work and back each day, you need to have a mechanic check out the car before you buy it. If the engine is iffy or transmission on its last legs, it simply isn't worth the risk. On the other hand, if you can find a beater with around 100,000 miles on it that gets decent mileage and earns an okay from a mechanic, you don't have much to lose by buying it.

Less Stress

When you drive a beater that runs well, you have less stress than when you drive a shiny, new vehicle. If someone dings your car in the supermarket parking lot, you probably won't even notice it among the other dents on your door. If your car is in an accident, you don't have much to worry about as long as you have your liability insurance. If your car is a total loss, replacing it won't break the bank. With a newer car, an accident can reduce the value of your vehicle even after it is repaired. Instead of paying a $500 deductible to get your "nice car" fixed, you can take that money and buy another beater.

As long as a beater car is safe and mechanically sound, it can be an excellent investment for your daily commute or even as your main car. Beaters are even okay for teenagers as long as they have been checked out for safety. Owning a car that can be destroyed without wrecking your bank account can be an excellent choice. Check out a dealership where you can buy used cars to find the right car for you.