Matching Your Commercial Vehicle To Its Use

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Matching Your Commercial Vehicle To Its Use

20 March 2020
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If you are shopping for a commercial vehicle, define the expected use of the vehicle before narrowing down your choices. The narrowing down is useful since different makes and models fit different uses. Below are examples of typical uses of commercial vehicles, and how to match them to the right cars.


If you want a delivery truck, then the nature of the deliveries should be your primary concern. Do you want to deliver flowers, building materials, or food? Some of the things you should consider here include:

  • The size of the delivery items since this will determine the size of the cargo area
  • The nature of the delivery items — for example, do they require refrigeration?
  • The routes you plan to service; are the roads perfect, rough, or filled with potholes?

Take your time to define your delivery parameters. Otherwise, you might get a truck that won't meet all of your needs.

Tools and Equipment

If you are in the repair or installation business, then you may need a truck that can haul around tools and equipment. Most tools and equipment are heavy, some are oddly shaped, and most are made of metal. Thus, you will need a truck that fits the following criteria:

  • Carry heavy load whose tonnage depends on what you intend to carry around
  • Is strong and reliable and won't suffer accelerated wear and tear due to rough or heavy usage
  • Has a cargo area (think a pickup truck) that can carry oddly-shaped items

The exact truck you will need depends on your industry. For example, plumbers may require different trucks from electricians.


Not all commercial vehicles haul around objects — some actually carry passengers. For example, you may carry passengers if

  • You provide your employees with transport
  • Your business involves driving people around (maybe you are in the tourism industry)
  • You regularly have to shuttle people — for example, during trade fairs

Apart from the number of seats in your vehicle, you also need to consider the comfort and safety of your chosen make and model.


Lastly, you also need a special kind of vehicle if you mostly intend to two things around. Maybe you provide roadside assistance services, you are in the camping industry, or you need to tow heavy equipment. In this case, your primary concern should be the towing capacity of your commercial vehicle. The car should also be stable and strong since towing involves considerable force.

Hopefully, the above tips will help you get the right vehicle for your business. Don't forget to use a reputable dealership for your purchase — especially when shopping for used vehicles.

If you are thinking that you need a vehicle for your business, contact dealerships to buy a used car that will fit all of your business needs.