Seek Auto Repair Services Immediately In Case Of These Engine Noises

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Seek Auto Repair Services Immediately In Case Of These Engine Noises

22 July 2022
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You must ensure your vehicle is in the best possible condition to avoid risking your life and that of other road users. With that in mind, here are three engine sounds that require the timely intervention of an auto repair professional.

1. Knocking Sound

If you get knock-like noises from your engine, especially when you accelerate, the chances might be your spark plug is damaged. The spark plug is an important part of an electrical system; it transmits electrical signals from the ignition coil each time you start a car so that it can create the spark needed by the engine to produce power. These parts are made of sturdy materials, which is why they can withstand extensive use. However, after using your vehicle for some time, the parts are likely to wear down, which reduces their efficiency. When this happens, you will start hearing the knocking sound each time you start your vehicle. In case of such an incident, visit an auto repair shop for repair services.

2. Hissing Sound

Hissing noises from your engine could mean your serpentine belt is loose, frayed, or damaged. This belt plays a vital role in your car since it is the one that controls the engine components such as the power steering pump, the air conditioner, and the water pump. The hissing sound indicates that the serpentine belt system needs to be replaced. If you do not fix it, the unit might completely wear out or stop working. When this happens, everything that is connected to it will stop operating. You might also experience damaged engine controls, an engine overhaul, or even the battery dying. Fortunately, experienced auto repair professionals can fix your serpentine belt immediately.

3. Rumbling Sound

If you experience a rumbling sound from your engine, the muffler is likely the problem. When the muffler is damaged, you will have difficulty using your vehicle since the engine's noise might be annoying. One of the muffler's functions is to reduce the amount of noise from your machine. The dampers also help minimize the engine's back pressure and filter air from the engine. So if the muffler is failing, you need to have it replaced immediately; otherwise, it will affect the performance of your engine, causing poor acceleration or even engine misfiring.

If you notice knocking, hissing, or rumbling noises from your engine, it is best to visit a licensed auto repair specialist. These professionals will know the best way to resolve the issues within the shortest time possible. This will reduce the chances of your vehicle breaking down on the road.