Buying A New Truck With A Utility Body For Your Business

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Buying A New Truck With A Utility Body For Your Business

25 October 2022
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Utility trucks are excellent for any business that requires you to carry tools and equipment into the field. Buying a new utility truck can be challenging, and often the bodies are added after the vehicle leaves the factory. You may find it easier to buy a truck chassis than consider one of several utility truck bodies that meet your needs and will fit on the chassis. 

Utility Trucks

When in the market for utility trucks, you may find a dealership that sells complete utility trucks with utility truck bodies already installed. For some jobs, these bodies may be perfect and allow you to carry the things you need. However, in some industries, specialized tools and equipment you need on the truck may not fit in generic utility truck bodies.

Look these trucks over carefully, and take some time to measure the boxes and compartments to determine if the tools you need on the truck will fit. If you need a welder and generator, but all the compartments are too small to hold them, you may need to mount them in the cargo area, which can take up precious space needed to carry parts or other items. 

If you are replacing an older utility truck, you may want to park them side by side and compare the space available in the new truck to ensure that you have the space required for your specific requirements. 

Custom Truck Bodies

When you have specific needs in your truck, consider purchasing a truck from a dealer without a bed or rear body on it. You can take the chassis to a manufacturer that sells custom utility truck bodies after, and have them put a custom body on for you. 

Selecting the body you need for the vehicle is simpler than trying to work with one already installed, and if you need custom compartments, you may want to purchase a unique design that is put together for your truck. Custom utility truck bodies are more expensive, but when you are spending the money on a new utility truck for your business, the extra expenses can may the truck easier to work out of, and more effective in the field. 

When considering a completely custom body for your truck, keep in mind that it can take some time to build. It is a good idea to start discussing the options with the builder before shopping for trucks and then purchase a truck chassis to fit the body you are having constructed. 

Utility truck bodies are often manufactured to fit several different chassis configurations, so if you have a general idea of what type of truck you will purchase, the utility truck body manufacturer can tailor the body to your truck if necessary.  

For more information about utility truck bodies, contact a local company.