A Few Tips For Buying A Used Truck You'll Be Happy To Own

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A Few Tips For Buying A Used Truck You'll Be Happy To Own

2 July 2019
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If you're in need of a new vehicle and you've decided to buy a truck, you may want to consider buying used. New trucks can be expensive and, since they're built to be workhorses, you can buy a less costly used truck that still has many years of life. Here are tips for buying a used truck.

Understand The Type Of Truck You Need

If this is your first truck, you may not be sure of the size or type you need. If you need help choosing, then buy your truck from a used truck dealer so you can get help with your selection. Plus, buying from a reputable dealer is a little safer than buying from a private seller, who may not be honest about the truck's condition. Let the sales agent on the lot know if you want a daily driver, a truck for towing a camper, a work truck, or a truck for off-roading. They can then guide you to the engine size and bed size that are suitable for your needs.

Examine The Exterior For Signs Of Rust

Trucks often lead hard lives and take a lot of abuse. You may not know much about the history of the truck, but the truck dealer may provide you with a VIN report. By looking over the condition of the paint for bubbles and scrapes, you might be able to tell if the truck was used heavily for hauling, towing, or off-roading. At the least, you can look for rust or bubbles that might be hiding rust. You probably won't want a truck that's rusting since rust will spread.

Test Drive With A Friend

If possible, take a friend with you to look over the truck and go with you on the test drive. If you don't know much about trucks or vehicles in general, then having someone you trust to look over the truck can make you feel better about the purchase. When you test drive, listen for unusual sounds and odd vibrations or pulls. Also, consider how comfortable the truck is to drive. It may be a lot different than your car, and you want to make sure you can see well over the wheel and reach the gas and brakes easily, so you can drive for hours without tiring out.

Research Used Trucks Before You Shop

You may already have a particular truck in mind that you want to buy. Whether you have your heart set on a used Chevrolet truck, a Ford, or a Doge, look up the trucks online to find out what current and previous owners have to say about them, compare crash testing reports, and look at things like gas mileage and towing capacity. The more you know about different models of trucks before you shop, the better equipped you'll be to make a wise choice and buy a truck you really like.